We empower women to realize their desired family size
We empower women to realize their desired family size

About Us

Diagnio was born out of a simple vision: to empower women on their journey to motherhood
Our mission
We are here to transform hormonal diagnostics and help women get a clear understanding of their reproductive health through an accessible, accurate, and comfortable at-home test system.
Diagnio at home ovulation test kit
Our first product
Our first product an innovative ovulation test, uses state-of-the-art technology to monitor estrogen levels in saliva. With a remarkable 95% accuracy rate, our test confirms ovulation and predicts the fertility window, providing women with vital insights to plan their pregnancy.
Diagnio technology is rather simple yet very unique. It draws its roots from the PCR testing technologies that came to light during the Covid-19 pandemic and takes all the best features of the innovation allowing for simple and easy usage while maintaining a lab-grade result.
Diagnio’s Story
I come from a family of an ObGyn doctor and have learned and seen much about the industry from a very young age. I was also one of the first em-babies in my country, and now, being a grown woman, went through the IVF treatment myself.
As of today, 30M women globally struggle to get pregnant every year, while various fertility issues affect 40% of women in the Gulf region. Infertility is NOT considered a disease until 1-2 years of unsuccessful tries and proper diagnostics is focused only on IVF patients.
To overcome the issue — women need earlier screening with higher fidelity. But the only way to do that today is to live in a lab. Which, obviously, is impractical.
I dedicated myself to helping women on their way to hormonal & reproductive health and chose the way of technology to do that.
My team and I are entering the field as digital innovators with a plan to change the women’s experience once and for all.
Women need and deserve reliable and precise diagnostics in everyday health management to tackle fertility issues.
Diagnio Founder
Marina Sol,
Diagnio Team
Marina Sol
Kathrine Mayor
Founder & CEO
Head of Marketing
Dr. Tania Yehya
Lead Biochemist
Oleg Strakhov
Lead Data Scientist
Varun Routhu
Lead Product Manager
Arsany Botros
Business Development Manager