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Tailored for women in postpartum, Diagnio helps you :
Track The Return Of Menstruation and Ovulation
Track Your Stress Levels
Ensure Cycle Regularity
Get Personalized Recommendations
Navigate your stress levels which is crucial to help maintain mental well-being and navigate new parenthood
Monitor your estrogen levels and gain accurate insights into your ovulation patterns after birth
Track your cycle and ovulation return to see your body balancing back
Enjoy easy-to-read detailed recommendations after each wellness survey to take timely action
Track Mood Swings & Fatigue Levels
Plan For Contraception Or Pregnancy
It is extremely important to monitor your mental health state and make sure you're in the right state of mind after giving birth
With accurate cycle tracking, make informed decisions about your family planning
Tailored for women in postpartum :
Complex Mental Wellbeing Analysis
Ovulation Test Screening
Unique features to make this new state easier
Accurate Cycle Tracking
Navigating the postpartum period involves embracing hormonal recovery and the return to menstrual regularity, acknowledging the uniqueness of each woman's experience.
Hormonal fluctuations, including decreases in estrogen and progesterone, are common post-childbirth, while prolactin levels remain elevated, especially for breastfeeding mothers. The return of the menstrual cycle varies widely, typically occurring six to eight weeks after childbirth, but influenced by factors like breastfeeding frequency and individual hormonal patterns.
Monitoring hormone levels during this time is essential, especially if experiencing postpartum symptoms. Factors such as health conditions or childbirth complications can prolong hormone normalization, underscoring the importance of monitoring ovulation and hormone levels for managing fertility in the postpartum period.
It is very important to track ovulation for the first 6-12 months after giving birth, but especially if you’re a first-time mother, had any special conditions before or during pregnancy, have been through IVF, are over 35 years old, or have emotions or symptoms which are new to you.
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