Take Care of Your Hormonal Health with Diagnio
For every stage of your life and every choice you make, be empowered with knowledge and understanding!
Track periods & ovulation
Test instantly with a drop of saliva
Know your influencing factors
Monitor return of ovulation
Evaluate risks of postpartum disorders
Track hormones come back to norm
Understand your symptoms
Track hormonal fluctuations
Get advice how to manage the change
Diagnio Reader Device
Set of 10 Test Strips
AED 399
Our smart, non-invasive saliva test kit recognizes your estrogen patterns and gives you quick and lab-accurate insights for pregnancy planning, postpartum recovery or menopause, in the comfort of your home.
Diagnio Test Kit & Mobile Application
The test works seamlessly with Diagnio App, where you can monitor your cycle & ovulation patterns, get insights on your symptoms - whichever stage you're in, understand your hormones better and get advice from our virtual health assistant.
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Tailored for women on any life stage - from family planning to menopause:
Understand Your Unique Hormonal Patterns
Track Estrogen Spike and Ovulation Presence
Support mental and emotional well-being
Identify Potential Health Risks
Monitor estrogen levels at home with just a drop of saliva with Diagnio Test Kit - to help your family planning goals
Keep a detailed cycle diary, analyze symptoms and irregularities, know your hormonal changes through life
Take surveys to analyze & help with your mental wellbeing during different cycle phases or life stages
Take surveys to identify potential health risks that might influence you cycle & overall health (Diabetes, PCOS, etc.)
Get useful information on your symptoms
Get Personalized Recommendations
Ask our virtual health assistant any question about hormones, cycle health, your conditions, or test reports!
Enjoy easy-to-read detailed recommendations after each well-being assessment to take timely action
Tailored for women on any life stage:
Complex Wellbeing
Personalized Recommendations
Unique features for the full picture of your cycle health
Ovulation Test
Unique features for your cycle health
No matter your age or health goals, monitoring your hormonal health is crucial for a balanced and healthy life. Diagnio equips you with the necessary tools and knowledge to manage your health with ease and confidence.
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