Diagnio Test Strips

Track estrogen levels in your saliva

Diagnio test strips track estrogen levels in your saliva via the Diagnio Test Kit. Know your accurate fertility window in the comfort of home.

*Must be used with the Diagnio Kit. Note that the strips are note reusable and must be used induvidually as instructed.
1 month for 110 AED

3 month for 300 AED

Who is Diagnio For?
Empowering Every Step of Your Reproductive Health Journey

How does that work?

Estrogen (one of the main female reproductive hormones) level increase during ovulation. It gives an extra "saltness", i.e. crystal-like structure to your saliva. If you look at it saliva under a microscope, it resembles a pattern of a fern leaf.
Our smart ovulation test recognizes your saliva pattern using a powerful thirty-times magnification lens. It then transmits the data to the app where special image recognition software verifies the result.
No ovulation,
estrogen levels are rather low
estrogen levels are rising
estrogen levels are at peak
See Diagnio Ovulation Test Kit in real life
See Diagnio Ovulation Test Kit in real life
Why choose Diagnio?
Lab Accurate
Cost — Effective
Know your results before your morning coffee is ready. It takes only 15 min to learn your estrogen level for today.
No need to go anywhere. You can test your fertility level in the comfort of your own home. and our app will tell you when the test is needed.
You get access to high quality testing at any time you feel needed. No need to wait for the lab appointment or spend time on the road to get tested.
Our test gives you medically accurate results. According to clinical trial results the accuracy compared to benchmark urine test is 95%.
You only need your saliva to know the result. It’s easy, convenient and does not require special assistance or knowledge.
Our test gives you a medically accurate result at only a small fraction of laboratory price. You pay for the device once and only renew the test strip supply later on.