Women's Health Test
This hormonal test is designed to offer most essential insights for those planning to conceive.

This targeted test evaluates key hormones, providing a clear picture of your reproductive health, helping you identify the best time for conception.
Your starting point for planning pregnancy
7 biomarkers tested
At home blood sample collection
6 hours fasting needed prior to testing
Results in 1-2 days
AED 599 AED 749
(AMH test can take up to 1 week)
- 20%
What Is Included
Fertility Profile:

FSH, LH, Progesterone, Prolactin, Estradiol (E2), TSH
Anti-Mullerian Hormone
Why Diagnio?
Free Home Collection
Quick Results
100% Confidential
Free Follow-up Consultation
Accredited Laboratory
Our certified nurses bring our the tests directly to you, saving you valuable time and eliminating the hassle of clinic visits.
Your test results and personal data are safeguarded by advanced security protocols, guaranteeing access for your eyes only.
We believe everyone should have access to essential health information. Maintain you privacy and comfort at a fraction of cost.
Our partner laboratories guarantee swift delivery of your results, enabling timely action based on your health data.
Our partnership with accredited laboratories guarantees that every test is conducted with precision and accuracy.
Wonder what the results mean? We offer an online consultation, or you can get insights using our chat bot in Diagnio App!
We are experts in women's hormonal & reproductive health.
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